9 Better Things To Say At the US Border Than ‘I Am Attending A Cannabis Business Conference’

America, highly touted as the land of the free has recently given a lifetime ban to a small-time Canadian retail investor who bought cannabis stocks and was going down to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend MJ Biz Con 2018. At least 12 other Canadians were detained for hours for mentioning they were attending the same conference.

Cannabis is legal in the state of Nevada, but remains federally illegal and border security has been cracking down large scale investors, but have now switched tactics to target average Joe who buys a couple weed stocks.

Canada’s always good a guy PM has advised Canadians to tell the truth at the border, whatever the consequences are.


One Redditor summed it up well by saying:


It’s true, many people lie at the border, especially if they are going to something like a cannabis conference. So in this piece we will lay out 7 other and far better reasons for entering the country.

1. ” Hi officer, I’m going down to Florida to obtain a hunting license to buy a myriad of high powered guns, I have no intention on using them on anyone of course, I just want to you know, shoot things, plastic cans and sparrows and such.”


2. ” Hi officer, I’m going down to Vegas for a couple days to gamble away my life savings and hopefully meet some strippers, potentially for marriage.”


3. ” Hi officer, I’m going down to go to an Oxycontin business conference, there’s fear that it’s furthering the opium crisis, but we would really love for doctors to start prescribing it again!”


4. “Hi officer, yes I am going down to Flint, Michigan to build lead pipelines for their water supply.”


5. “Hi officer, yes this is a business trip, I’m going down to our US HQ to¬†fire a couple of employees because they are gay


6. “Hi officer, I am going down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to fire missiles.


7. “Hi officer, we’re going down to Boston to get our 5 year old son absolutely piss drunk!”


8. “Hi officer, I’m going down to Georgia to marry my cousin, but don’t worry, we won’t be doing anything weird in the bedroom!”


9. ” Hi officer, well I am a cannibal, so yeah, heading to the promise land.


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