5. Do multiple interviews with cheap PR firms and offer nothing but slogans and platitudes

Now we are going to really get into the meat and potatoes of this thing.

First, with pump and dumps there are waves, for the sake of it let’s say there are 4 waves. The first wave is the founder (you), the highly experienced ‘team’, and close friends and relatives. They buy shares at a ridiculously low price and get in at the ground floor. Then, just like any other MLM (multi-level marketing) scheme the 2nd wave comes in with promises that i’s ‘still early.’ Some may be skeptical, this is where those slogan heavy interviews come in handy.

The 2nd wave is sold on how dumb the 3rd and 4th waves will be and how they will just eat up these interviews, and the sexy website and promising messages of disrupting the very world we live and breathe in.