4. Social media strategy: buy ghost followers, use stock images and rely on bots for your social proof

A #bitcoin or #blockchain hashtag can go a long way in todays social media economy. Bots are regularly searching for these terms and will automatically like your recycled and meaningless photo if it contains the right hashtags. You may also even get an automatic comment like a ‘best pic ever’ or ‘this is so cool’ underneath the photo. This is important because it will justify all of the ghost followers and make you look somewhat legitimate to someone who doesn’t know how the internet works. If you really want to go above and beyond, put an inspirational quote on the photo to add even more value. You can do this yourself, or, better yet outsource to someone in the Philippines.

You could also just avoid this step and have the social media icons on your website that are just dead links, no one is going to click on them anyways.