2. Create a website that shows off your fake team, and a host of beautiful visual graphics

This is key, it all has to look good and professional. The better the website and the branding looks, the easier it will be to fool people. Ideally you will have really beautiful graphics that display how tech savy you are. Nothing says you are a world renowned global force like geometrical lines and dots that connect and overlap with graphics that move on scroll, that’s a simple Javascript function you can use. You will want to a chose a modern font, preferably from Behance.com and have it float above the geometric shapes.

You are also going to want to have a section titled ‘team’ to show your decades of experience, fake photos and Russian programmers are more than sufficient, it’s not like anyone is actually going to go into LinkedIn to really find out the truth anyways. And you know about the LinkedIn headshot rule: the more lifeless, cold and sociopathic the headshot, the better.