I was recently invited to invest in a pump and dump cannabis company. Most of the time people invest in these companies out of ignorance and don’t know what they are getting into, this time however, an acquaintance of mine who knew I was into stocks flat out said ‘this is a pump and dump, I know the main pumper personally and if we get in now we will be in the 2nd of 4 waves of buy in.’

I had never heard it put so bluntly, usually these topics get danced around a bit at least. Immediately my interest in investing was 0, but, my interest for how it worked on the inside was quite high out of curiosity. I have decided to write this article in a cheeky ‘how to guide’ to essentially try and turn this into a joke, because when you start to uncover what is underneath a pump and dump it is actually quite comical. Not comical in the sense that real people lose real money, but comical in the sense of how simple and straightforward it is to start one of these companies and the juvenile tactics associated with starting said company.

OK, let’s get started.