The cannabis industry is booming right now.

Experienced investors and media personalities are calling the emerging industry a bubble due to lack of revenue and lofty expectations, often comparing it to the Dotcom bubble.

While the Dotcom comparisons aren’t entirely justified, the lack of revenue of most cannabis companies is startling. One example of this is The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD.T) who has a market cap of $1.578 billion and zero revenue to date.

DMG Actually Makes Money

One major factor that should be a performance indicator for the potential future success of a company is revenue.

This is why DMG Blockchain (DMGI.C) entering the cannabis space is interesting, they have a  proven track record of generating revenue in a different, but symbiotic industry. As we wrote previously, crypto companies are still generating revenue through Bitcoin mining, mining as a service, data analytics, forensics and many other streams. DMG Blockchain (DMGI.C) did $6,180,342 in revenue last year by crushing it in the blockchain/crypto space.

According BC Business DMG has recently entered into the cannabis space through the development of an e-commerce marketplace and supply-chain management system called CannaChain. The system intends to give consumers total transparency and quality assurances by tracking product from licensed growers all the way to the store.

By logging each step along the supply chain on the blockchain – a decentralized, timestamped, and unhackable digital ledger – this ground-breaking platform is expected to provide an irrefutable record outlining the journey the product has made, from beginning to end.

DMG has a lot to bring to cannabis, perhaps most of all is the companies propensity in earning revenue, something that is going to become more and more important as we move past legalization and lofty promises need to be followed up on.

30 Cannabis Companies DMG Is Out-Earning

We have compiled a list of 30 revenue generating cannabis companies DMG has out-earned over their most recent 12 month filings. The list could be much longer if we included pre-revenue companies such as TGOD.

*Numbers represent revenue in CAD dollars.

Hexo (HEXO.T) $3,523,296

Wayland Group (Formerly Maricann)  (WAYL.C) $3,222,746

CannaRoyalty (CRZ.C) $3,077,969

Invictus (GENE.V) $2,364,423

Emblem (EMC.C) $2,694,000

Ravenquest Biomed (RQB.C) $2,451,510

iAnthus (IAN.C) $2,407,229

MYM Nutraceuticals (MYM.T) $1,781,319

Wildflower (SUN.C) $1,770,577

Quadron Cannatech (QCC.C) $1,683,832

Nutritional High (EAT.C) $1,674,269

WeedMD (WMD.C)  $1,451,062

Emerald Health (EMH.C) $1,314,960

HempCo (HEMP.C) $1,249,626

Delta 9 (NINE.C) 944,144

VIVO (formerly AbCann) (VIVO.C) $922,030

THC Biomed (THC.C) $761,456

Radient Technologies (RTI.C) $451,450

Lexaria Bioscience (LXX.C) $431,274

ICC Labs (ICC.C) $218,040

Harvest One (HVT.C)$212,287

Phivida (VIDA.C) $18,783

Maple Leaf Green World (MGW.OTC) $211,645

PUF Ventures (PUF.C) $138,850

Marapharm Ventures (MDM.C) $155,748

Calyx Ventures (CYX.C) $128,375

New Age Farm (NF.C) $84,029

Tinley (TNY.C) $31,095

Future Farm (FFT.C) $11,929

Abattis (ATT.C) $5,902


Investors should beware of new companies entering the red hot cannabis space as everyone wants in, this includes companies who don’t have a proven track record and see this as an opportunity to print money and sail off to The Bahamas. With DMG’s experienced management team and range of revenue generating streams, seeing them sail off to the sunset anytime soon is highly unlikely.